1. Slobs. Slobs on smoke break.

2. Unicorn Hardon hunched over in some old bank in Kansas City. Naked shavingcream caveman of Lone Tree at Swansea House.

3. Psychedelic Lone Tree strobe n shadow show. Caveman Bushu offer stick of sound.

4. Ghost Ice at tha controlz. RMPBX!

5. Pre-flight Carbon. Shadow Graf.

6. Post-show, in house, tetris. This teabag'll link ya to some more cute animals.

7. 8. 9. Incredible collapsing bands: (tan as fuck + cherry blossoms = ??) & Dark Inside the Sun..

10. Power outage just in time for FWOE & Metalux to be kept from playing their last sets of the tour. Impromptu barside acoustic John Allingham & Steve Gigante set.

11. Tour gang, pre-dispersal. Last night, shoulda been playin a show blues - bummin motel, almost home.