1. Special Bonus Thing feels the space, responds to environment, is the mountain.

2. FWOE vibrates in tiny room - note: pics # .3 are being taken by girl at bottom of frame - sorry we didn't get your name for the photo credit! Albuquerque.

4. Freakin' rockin'.

5. Metalux gear-fondle detail. Graf blasts crowd with hypno-beam.

6. Party scene at PMS House, with ritualistic boxed wine bag suckling.

7. Potty Mouth Sherrys! Robot Mandala whipped it, literally, in Denver.

8. Other People's Children's surprise attack, stunning the wide eyed Red Melting Plastic Box.

9. Laser eyed, blasted down.

10. Wolf vomits on drum, Juggling bunny steps in with Graf & Carbon.

11. This chick was just running along the highway in the desert.