1. Crowd at Grandma's House in Oakland. Eerie red glow from buring neighborhood due to vigorous 4th of July Celebration.

2. Metalux w/ jiggly bollywood flygirl projections.

3. 4. 5. FWOE & unnamed guest dancer who totally stole the show, unrelentingly grinding on Goddard.

6. Seven Year Rabbit Cycle's thick new lineup 'brought it.'

7. Casionic paper mache flailings of Spider Compass Good Crime Band, Edinborough Castle, SF. The moustache & the pirate chest.

8. Ryan in La La Land. Our Names in lights.

9. Wild FWOE backstage antics at the Troubadour.

10. Metalux in a pool of dramatic goth light with the meanest PA bass destroying everybody. Special Bonus Thing on a meet and greet.

11. Neon and the death mask roller skate entrance.

12. So many warm fuzzies with the Deerhoof.

13. 14. Houses 1 & 2, once then twice w/ Metalux at the Smell, LA.

15. Messed-up roadside UFO crash site - they took the bodies to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We searched as best as we could, but didn't have time to go down in there - tour continued.