Jeez! here are three pages of pics from Lil Leperchaun Chris Cooper's Burthday Jam at the Schoolhouse HQ in Hadley (3/17/04) Neep Photos.










DefNeg - George on the left, Dan on the right, uh, i mean, Dan on the left, George on the right.












Vampire Belt w/ a mr. Dredd Foole. C. Corsano, left, with white thing hanging out of his mouth, B. Nace, middle (and in mirror), with twangly-dangly, & finally, the aforementioned Dredd, right, yelping for joy into a micromophone. Nace tried to take out JennyO's video collection, but the Eraserhead DVD Boxset was rescued.




















YOUNG BOY & THE POWER ANIMAL made beautiful hum, fizzle, and twank. Chiara, left, & Kites, rights. note pretty lil boxes of wires n things.