Mangey Monday with with some UK decay by international pop supergroup Ceylon Mange, choice words from the bard of south deerfield, lord Byron Coley, the barking bombast of Crank Sturgeon's flaccid tube tissue tower, & primal rumble from hadley's superpowered riddim cult Slaughterhouse Percussion.. Omitted from this evening's undertakings was Fat Worm of Error's diabolical tard-throwing set, but there is video floating around somewhere.





Slaughterhouse Pecussion, tearing shit up..


Crank Sturgeon's wang dang doodle, left. Byron Coley's jizz-anus rockin' tanka tornado, below.























Ceylon Mange: Nace either enraptured or enraged - i think this pic was taken right after Corsano stepped on his hand on his way to the drumkit. . . and to the right, see if you can catch a glimpse of Dylan Nyoukis' arsecrack.



Neef & Crank = super bummin.