last updeerted: July 2006

Showcasing Freedom in the European Theater Tour January 2006 - (watch Fat Worm of Error putter about western europe eating, drinking, and bumbling thru the language barrier with grace and panache! absurd sights, wacky noise bands, drunk belgians!)

Funtimes Ferryboat Tour '04
(Fat Worm of Error & Metalux US Tour June-July 2004... many too many pictures, semi-confoozing roll-over-image-based layout with secret links!..)

monday mash one
(another show on a monday night: USAisaMONSTER, Grey Skull, the Believers. Fat Worm + more not pictured. . oh well, these are goood tho. hamp college 'tavern' 5/10/04)

apparatus A
(some pics i took of m. palaima's performance at Hampshire College - green grass, white strings, red, red, & underwear color! 5/06/04)

Stretching the Hooves
(fun show with Deerhoof, 5471, & made in mexico in Providence, RI. .. many good pics by Fafnir! 4/24/04)

Metatree through Gladlux
(three jam-packed days w/ Metalux, including views of the Gladtree Festival in Western Massachusetts - too many bands to mention, okay? 4/8-4/10/04)

Leperchaun's Burthday
(Rubber O Cement, Nautical Almanac, Young Boy & the Power Animal, Vampire Belt, & Defneg @ Breaking World Records HQ- the Schoolhouse, Hadley, Ma - Chris Cooper's burthday + st patty's day 3/17/04)

One Weird Monday
(Fat Worm of Error(not pictured,oh well), Slaughterhouse Percussion, Ceylon Mange, Byron Coley, Crank Sturgeon @ FLYWHEEL, Easthampton, Ma. 3/15/04)

Feb '04 Bowling Alley
(Fat Worm of Error, Vampire Belt, Bears, Cyclub - Northampton, Ma)

DECEMBER 2003 Jaunt
(Dark Inside the Sun, Fat Worm Of Error, Diagram A, Lucas Abella - Amherst + Boston, NYC, Providence, Troy.)