Yeay! 031 | 12/10 | 17 mins/infinite | CDR color photocopy | $6

A collection of 77 tapeloops collected over the past nine or so years - all perfectly loopable & hard-panned 2trk interlock... press single track repeat & go nuts! Infinite fun for those who seek infinite fun (in that repetitive way). Swooping noises, chugging beats, tattered samples, & dribbly synths - all without any of that complicated mixing that always gets in the way. Now the loop can just "be".


JASON MARTIN "Harmonic Time Cycles & Scary Guitar Man"
Yeay! 033 | 10/11 | 60mins /cassette. color copy cover. | $6

This long-overdue Yeay! debut tape by spandex-wolf, mad-genius, Jason Martin features two long audio collage works - one radio play / lecture / sermon about the nature of time and the other, a grateful nod to our departed beefheart in puzzling words & sizzling strings. Martin is a particularly diabolical man of riddim & as an engineer, he carefully sculpts tone with recording details that sparkle especially in their dirtiest passages. Put this cookie in your fun salad.


QTSK#6: “Vandura Capsule Logbook”
(Yeay! 035 ) | 04/12 | 73 mins / DVD-R color photocopy)

A travelogue video from a jam-packed-23-day-tour across the USA with Fat Worm of Error.. shot in summer 2010.  sweaty landscapes, abundant gardens, funny critters, nutty humans, crazy sounds, all hyperspeed-condensed for maximum dislocation!  ...featuring performances by Teaadora Nikolova, Lucky Bone, Malaikat Dan Singa, Malditos, Core of the Coalman, HoraFlora, James Fella, John Dieterich/Greg Saunier/Yasi Periera Trio, Weird Weeds, Ralph E. White, Needlegun, Giffoni/Yeh, Thurston Moore + White Out, and more.   

FAT WORM OF ERROR "Brickfaced Vol. 2"
Yeay! 034 | 12/11 | 40mins /cassette. color copy cover.)

Several years after Offal's original secret concrète conversation with with his bandmates, FWOE drummer Cloaca finally makes his illicit stab into the ever-expanding heap of the band's weekly compost. Audio-files & four-track tapes spanning some 7 years & multiple acoustically-distinct locations comprise the stuff of his explorations. What is ultimately revealed is a throbbing variety pack of recombinant data jamming the lines & staining the corduroys. Uncharacteristically light on treatments, the bulk of the selections are mostly concerned with observing the group in their "natural" environment with varying degrees of unscripted, improvised nudity. Just open up & let it scandalize you.


(Yeay! 030 ) | 07/10 | 52 mins / DVD-R color photocopy)

Volumes 4 & 5 of the ongoing Qwiktime 'N' SwiffKutz video series. "Puur Zap" is a catalog of incidental moments collected during FWOE's residency at De Player in Rotterdam, where they worked long days simultaneously preparing an opera while assembling the packaging for a fancy limited edition 8inch record. If you're curious what that means, view Puur Zap here. "Assorted Zots..." follows a short tour of the american midwest in a borrowed van to debut compositions FWOE made for Arthur Ganson's Machines videos at the Sonic Celluloid Fest at Northwestern U. This DVD contains pieces of performances by Yan Jun, Wu Na, Zhang Jian (FM3<), Xiao He, Fuck Telecorps, Charlie Draheim, Andrew Coltrane, Fielded, Illusion of Safety, C. Spencer Yeh, John Caldwell, Sophia Nevada, & Dream Beings.


(Yeay! 029 ) | 05/10 | 1 hour, 20 mins / DVD-R color photocopy)

Volume 2 of the ongoing Qwiktime 'N' SwiffKutz video series. Comprised of partially digested ruminations, performance scraps, & travelogues, this time following FWOE's second European tour, plodding about in the swampy November expanses of Benelux, France, & the UK. Good food, bad food, dorky hijinks, seasickness, landscapes, & interior decorating ideas. Featuring performances by Uw Hypothekadvies, OFFONOFF, Raving Mad Carlos, Ultralyd, That Fucking Tank, Family Battle Snake, Corsano Flowers Duo, Snails, Fat Worm of Error & more.


(Yeay! 027 ) | 07/08 | 30 mins/ Cass color photocopy)

Yeay!'s first split release in ten years! Recently, two great Sams of New England have come to our attention and we couldn't think of a better way to share their brilliance than to corral em & give em each a side of a tape. Sam Gas Can's (from Worcester, MA) side is a single raggedy afghan blanket of a track that has all sorts of gnarls, spills, and hijinks in its construction. The Sam Phillips (from brattleboro, VT) side bounces from floating eyeballs in the swampy zombie bog realm to arid nazca UFO landingstrips. Crack a harmony springs and give yourself a half hour to steep in the elegant brainscape of SamsClub.


(Yeay! 025 / Apostasy / Breaking World Records) | 05/08 | 6mins/ 7" vinyl color photocopy )

Two drum & tape collage compositions on our second vinyl record co-released with our friends Breaking World Records & Apostasy! Two weird odes to springtime fertility using crude concréte percussion harmolodics.



(Yeay! 022 ) | 11/07 | 80+ mins/ DVD-R color photocoy)

Clumsy camera-collage-videos made by Cloaca on tours around the US with Fat Worm of Error in the Summer & Spring of 2007. Includes many scenes of beauty & banality, obscure objects, blurry visions, & moments of clarity, all interspersed with fleeting snippets of various performances by such greats as Rotten Milk & Jennifer Lorraine, Dig Shovel Dig, Skare Krau Radio, Soiled Mattress & the Springs, Tusco Terror, Horse Spirit Penetrates, Sword Heaven, Lexi Mountain Boys... as well as an exceptionally precious sequence with John Allingham & the Cherry Blossoms in Nashville.



(Yeay! 028 ) | 03/10 | 20 mins/ DVD-R or VHS color photocopy)

Volume 3 of the ongoing Qwiktime 'N' SwiffKutz video series - a collage of real-time audiovisual detritus. This time, in static locales, sopping up architectural assets & defects of semi-urban Greenfield, MA & the wonderous caves of Bankrow Recording facility. Shot during two days of tracking the upcoming Fat Worm of Error LP for Ecstatic Peace. If you just wanna see it, watch it free, online here. If you want a full-resolution, lovingly-made, fully fondleable object, consider buying one of these.

international orders add $2. also note, both formats are in NTSC. the DVD is region-free and proud to be.


VAPOR GOURDS "Dagger Magic"

(Yeay! 026 ) | 06/08 | 30 mins/ Cass color photocopy+3 color silkscreen)

The mysterious Vapor Gourds are the ideal vessel for contaning & compressing electro-staticky puffs deep in the void bath of space. This tape is a catalogue of their aural "Dagger Magic" - items left on the path to darker places, the intertia of mudslides, & subterranean hypno beats.


BROMP TREB "Bricktown Shuffle "

(Yeay! 024 ) | 02/08 | 30 mins/ Cass color photocopy)

The second of the drumtape series finds Cloaca of Bromp Treb back in the basement with a few more drums & some electronics & slight cassette tactics of pause-&-record editing. More dense collages of 2-track open reel-recorded improvised drum-sketches. Theraputic pings, scrapes, and crashes inna hard-panned stylee.


FAT WORM OF ERROR "Ambivalence and the Beaker"
(not catalogged, but would've been Yeay! 023 ) | 11/07 | 41 mins/ CDR color photocopy)

A few copies of this quickly-assembled CDR are floating around western europe. The jams have been remixed & remastered, the track order re-arranged, & the art re-done. The better & updated version has been released on the magnificent San Francisco label Resipiscent. Get it through them & if you find one of those old ones, destroy it. It's not as good, really.



JEREMY LATCH "Love Letters For Everybody"
(Yeay! 021 (mislabelled "019" on tape!) | 09/07 | 41 mins/ Cass color photocopy)

Here's a fabulous lo-fi tape-poem by TurnersFalls' preeminent wandering drawing skateramp-making junk sculpting troubador Jeremy Latch. Impromptu (and sometimes unpleasantly familiar) singalongs drift up from aborted man-on-the-street interviews. Bratty interjections cut off overblown live performances. There's even a couple mini-jack-fed, battery-powered, tape-to-tape-overdubbed songs to round out the experience. Jeremy is a hive of bees, gathering & transforming all these varied granules into some very sweet honey.


BROMP TREB "Audio-Visual Cassette"
(Yeay! 020 | 08/07 | 26 mins/ Cass color photocopy)

Compositions that waft over the muggy summer air like torn subwoofer poots from a rusty jalopy. A hefty fellow excitedly twirls his manboob pasties made of allegator clips from atop the sunroof. There's a fair amount of good junk in the trunk, as well as some touching digressions, to boot.


BROMP TREB "illegible graffiti"
(Yeay! 018 | 12/06 | 22 mins/ Cass B/W photocopy)

The first in a series of drum tapes - it's a pause-&-record collage of two track open reel-recorded improvised drum-sketches. a fairly radical digression from Bromp Treb's typical noised out beats n' fake rap schtick, only just as fun. GRIP.


(Brazilian Wax 2 | 09/05 | 46 mins/ Cass in bag & colorcopy)

This surreptitiously mangled & mixed tape by FWOE's bassist, Offal, was produced without the knowledge or consent of his bandmates. Utilizing his stereo open reel, a four track & the hefty backlog of the unmixed cassette masters filled with hours of alternately repetitive song-sculpting, idle noodling, & epic improvised stoner-jams, he built an incredibly vast, & fascinating sea of baubling magnetized particles, fluffy pink-fiberglass residue, & rotting, late-summer, crow-pecked squash.



CHERRY BLOSSOMS "the cherry blossoms"
(Yeay! 017 - co-released w/ Apostasy, Black Velvet Fuckere, Breaking World Records, Consaguineous Records, & Hank the Herald Angel Recordings | 2007 | LP)

Finally 'properly' mastered & released, the finest recordings of Nashville's incredible oddball musical family known as the Cherry Blossoms. This record circulated on CDR and around the web for years until a bunch of us obsessives got together & insisted on making a lasting and physical reproduction. i could rant and rave hyperbolically about this sucker for pages, but instead i will direct you to the recording's free webarchive and you can load up your ipod before you decide that you need it on vinyl: go down to the "cherry blossoms recorded in 2000."
website: the cherry blossoms.


Brian Ruryk "Piece of Shit Guitar"

(YCD 10 | 07/05 | 35 mins/ CDR in 2 bags, color copies & trash)

a re-edited reissue of this toronter's clattery opus. splattery guitar sacrifices upon altars of chopped cassettes crumpled moldy styrofoam coffeecups & a midnight parking-garage race between a shoppingbag & a oddly-designed car made of two-by-fours & pingpong balls. On the headphones, these stereo jams message the pituitary glands with the soapy exfoliating grace of SOS scouring pads. derrr, this is exciting!


TUMBLE CAT POOF POOFY POOF "Werewolf Story (plus Five More)"
(YCA 7 | 05/05 | 40 mins/ 1 cass in dual cass. case w/ thirty-seven drawings wrapped in brown felt)

On a frigid February night, at the intimate hearth of the Schoolhouse in Hadley, with the aid of a tom drum, accordion, drum machine, boomboxes, & his voice, Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof told the Werewolf Story. This precious singular event was documented in stereo & reproduced for your pleasure on side one of this cassette. Thirty-seven baseball-card-sized drawings are provided to help you re-create the tale. Side two includes five more stories which unfold, in real time, somewhere betweenf the fastmoving chrome particles of this release & the playhead of your cassette deck. This release is deep, fuzzy, & cockle-warming.


(YCD 9 | 07/04 | 36 mins/ CDR | color copy+security envelope collage cover in bag)

FWOE's third official release, Twelve fresh tracks of digitalized jams, soupy fedback beats, tapey absurdity.& re-orchestrated versions of their tunes severely abused in the studio. When the 'darkness' comes, we'll be looking for our checkbooks & of course, we'll be out of envelopes.


(YCA 6 | 05/04 | 15 mins/ clear blue cass | silkscreen/inkjet cassingle cover)

debut Yeay! solo cassingle by Fat Worm guitarist Tim Sheldon.. a silty but viscous piece comprised of fastmoving underwater debris, environmental recordings, finger-twinkle guitar, squash flutes and gargantuan gong squiggles all following the twisted flowpath of connecticut river through our neighborhood floodplain, the Oxbow Meadows. very dense and incredibly satisfying, i find a new thing in this upon every listen.


GUTTERS self-titled 1992 demotape reissue
( YCD 8 | 04/04 | 22mins/CDR | photocopycard+jewelcase)

Yeay! is proud to reissue this enduring chunk of dribbling flaccidity from these virtually forgotten Western Mass superzeros. Absurdly wimpy dirges illustrate scenes involving pee jars, ninjas, depression, medication, & pornos. somebody once suggested they felt like Flipper with a broken drum machine, more lithium, less heroin. six, uh, seven songs, plus all of the fine interview material from the original tape..


BOMP TEB "Touble in the miks"
(YCA 5 | 02/04 | 50mins/cass | photocopy collage cover)

Teejay Kayleen on the reels slug on as fumble-finger'd fader klutz smashing this collage of orginal material and tapes swiped from the likes of: Anthro Rex, Phloyd's Rice Ensemble, Noise Nomads, Tarantism, BenGeorge7, Nautical Almanac/Kites, Occasional Detroit, & Dr. Doo. hyperactive mixtape, many changing beats/noises, not boring.


(YCA 4 | 02/04 | 47mins/REDcass | 4 color silkscreen cover)

ultimate masculine exercise in hiphop monotony: 1 tapeloop. 2 mics. many percieved duels. All FIGHT. one side studio, one side live. two men enter, one man leave. side one also features vocal edit!


DARK INSIDE THE SUN "See the Darkness Shine"
(YCA 3| 12/03 | 40mins/Cass | b/w photocopy cover)

Steve's 2nd tape with us, only months after his 1st, captures the wonderful crash-bang energy of his electric sets recorded live to 4-track, with minimal bits of post-tweaking. How he makes total aggro-feedback & sweet sentimentality mesh together with such grace is beyond us, but here it is & its goooood..


DARK INSIDE THE SUN "So that i may not die, while i am still alive"
(YCA 2 | 10/03 | 40mins/Cass |2 color photocopy/marker cover)

DITS debut, a set of raw, lo-fi, live recordings -two electric performances, and several intimate, hushed and tense songs recorded in his van. sweet & unsettling perfect rainy-day headphone music or in chorus with the 65mph hum of the open road.


FAT WORM OF ERROR summer mixtape 2003
(YCA 1 | 7/03 | 40mins/Cass | spraypainted case /photocopy)

a kinky continuous loop of this band in their most defribulated and deconstructed - a few songs & a wealth of treatments of 4 track fragments, digital scrubbery, tape collage, & eeew! improvisation. totally gay package is hand spray-painted in their infamous paranoid googly-eyed motif. we shit you not, you'll dance "the popcorn."


"Bromp Treb Poo Samurai Versus Kung Fu Battle Grip #2"
(YCD 6 | 08/02 | 12mins/CDR | b/w photocopy in bag)

A mix & battle spaz spaz return 4 track volleyball. Wicked short tracks & ground-chucked remixes amidst the toy plastic disaster of hanatarash orientalism. Every sophomoric effort should be scatalogical too.


BROMP TREB SOUNDSYSTEM "Summertime Attack Module #1"
(YCD 5 | 06/02 | 15mins/CDR | b/w photocopy in bag)

Bromp Treb's debut release came nearly a year or so after the project performed as a live karaoke act for songs that didn't exist. Tightly mixed 4track + tape loop 'funky' drum and bass. crooked dub thunder and scree in brief spurts with remixes. pretty catchy for instrumentals.


TUMBLE CAT POOF POOFY POOF "live at the Schoolhouse"
(YCD 4/BWR 21 | 10/02 | 20mins/Cass | photocopy sticker cover)

split release with Breaking World Records, Tumblecat's debut is a polaroid of boombox decay & precision warm fuzziness. Recorded live to tape at BWR's homey Schoolhouse HQ, and wrapped in transformers comicbook pages. Enitre release available as free MP3 download at Puzzling Music Archive!


MR. KAYLEEN "Impy Go Himpy"
(YCD 3 | 02 | 45mins/CDR | photocopy on pink paper)

Kayleen's old improv shit collection, fun mix of experiments, lotsa collaborations


MR. KAYLEEN "Mr. Kayleen's Bloat-Free Moments"
(YCD 2 | 02 | 45mins/CDR | color photocopy cover)

Kayleen's 10 year anniversary of being a home-taper, a sort of "best of" collection of songs.


MR. KAYLEEN "Primetime for the Goodlife"
(YCD 1 | 02 | 50mins/CDR reissue of 1998 cassette | color photocopy cover)

mr. kayleen's last full-length solo release, CDR reissue of 1998 tape -songs, soundscapes, improvisations, & meditations on work, nature, & power or something.


LAMPSTAND / GOOBERSLABGIANTS "Lost the Scene" / "finally come to light"
(1998 | 45mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

Post mortem collection of unreleased material by these two pittsfiled bands from the early 90's.


MR. K. LEAN'S "ruff ass kutz"
(1997 | 50mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

odds and ends from k's sporadic but continuing love/necessity to record throughout the mid 90's.. originally part of a split w/ K-LEANFAFNIRMACHINE "six instantses" tape.


K-LEANFAFNIRMACHINE "six instantses"
(1997 | 15mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

plinky improvisations for cello & bass recorded on 2 track open reel. originally released as split w/ mr. k-lean's "Ruff Ass Kutz". . .


MR. K. LEAN "a menu for the doomsday dinnerparty"
(1995 | 50mins/cass | b/w photocopy on yellow paper)

a set of jerky acoustic songs with stupid lyrics. the "haiku hellfire" short-song-cycle & a set of fake rap songs.. kayleen's first time ever using a four track with wimpy results. . .


THE BEAT MACHINE "the Beat Machine"
(1994 | 30mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

...and so begins Mugy's finest group of releases on his own RUBIX BOMB label - link & chronology to come. ...



IMMATURE MORONS "Better Late than Never"
(1994ish | 50mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

rough recordings made during a ridiculous post-split reunion.... one of the earliest bands to start Yeay! Cassettes, yet somehow never ever managed to get their shit together to put any of their music out - here are their songs, tighter than they ever were when they were together, in tune, in time, & dumb! "endless cycle" "date rape" a cover of Spaztic Anarchists' "i'm trying to piss off the neighbors" & all the other hits. . . reviewed in the Berkshire Eagle!


(1993 | 50mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover | $4 | out of stock)

Pre-Beat Machine, graduating from Lampstand & highschool. .. .





(1993 | 90mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover w/ 8.5x11 lyriczine thing)

k-lean's second solo cassette, a sprawling 90 minute soundscape of songs, noises, drones, & silly ideas recorded over the course of 1 year. .. all lo-fi, tape-to-tape overdubbing with two cassette decks & a radio shack 4 channel mixer .... i stillenjoy this to this day.



A-ARON "File"

(1992ish | 60mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

A-ARON's only release to my knowledge... sweet, intense jiggly acoustic pop songs for angsty teenagers - great tunes recorded lo-fi 4 track stylee with pots n pans percussion by his little bro & other hinsdale neighborhood crew-mates. . . includes an early recording of a-aron singing a lvin spoonful song w/ his cool uncle - groovy. big bad groovy dude. . .



DAVE "Wicked Personal Experience"

(1992 | 60mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

Dave's late-career opus includes more skit/read stories along with some of his great songs. this tape made it to Dr. Demento's desk, with a review & everything!



LAMPSTAND "Pididdle King"

(11/92 | 20mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

Lampstand's crowning achievement of dorky jerky keyboard-fueled punk rock. . .10 songs in almost 15 minutes - fun fun fun. . . their insspirations may or ma not have ever come thru: dead milkmen, minutemen, devo, madness. . . dork dork dork. .



BAD ART "songs composed by Mugy"

(1992 | 60mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

Mugy's third solo release. . inspired in equal parts by the cramps & karlheinz stockhausen. truly retarded & wonderful attempts at making high-concept 'modern' compositions in his basement alongside murky repetetive rock songs with out-of tune guitars.



(12/91 | 40mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

K-lean's first solo tape, bad 'folk' songs using the chords people use to learn to play the guitar. songs for ukulele. and even some weird, noisy improvised recordings, as well as his first attempts to make multi-layered overdubbed tapes.



(8/6/91 | 30mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

one of Mugy's earliest attempts at the solo-one-man-band thing that he would go on to perfect with the Beat Machine. . . fun muddy tapes of dancing dinos.


ATARI "Destroy the Krylons"

(4/91 | 30mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

before the immature morons split, three of their members got together with a kid they met in art class who wrote the best damn song about Pittsfield they'd ever heard - with a lineup no different from that of the Doors or Booker T & the MGs, they jammed out a pretty ineptly funky ska/punk/pop sound & recorded & released this little tape under a temporary name Atari which would quickly change into Lampstand. . .. this was to be Yeay! "Records'" first release.


DAVE "Young People in Oldsmobiles"

(2/25/91 | 30mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

Dave made up to 8 or 9 solo tapes in the period before the first Yeay! release, usually in tiny arbitrary editions of 10-50. music from this period is really hyperactive & funny/charming as much as it is annoying. Many of the tapes are lost, or in relally bad shape - for instance, the only copy of this tape we have is nearly unplayable due to the fact it was chewed up badly by my old pet beagle, jake. page detailing Dave's early work will be up someday.


(spring 91 | 60mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

Ground Zero drops the name, gets electric guitars, & two more friends - almost a real band. Sad attempts at punk rock noise - no tuned anything, songs are barely held together, instruments are barely played. real avant-garde shit!

GROUND ZERO "Shit" & "lets strangle brett michaels with his spandex bra"

(1989 | 60mins/cass | b/w photocopy cover)

two tapes, a full length "shit" & their first cassingle "lets strangle.." out in editions of one each by the duo of sweaty middle-school adolescent boys known as Ground Zero. banging on plastic buckets & an acoustc guitar outfitted with paperclips in the strings to make a distored sound - all while shouting impromptu lyrics into the tape recorder - this is wimpy pathetic punk rock a its rawest. inspired by comic book-images of punk rockers & radioactive mutanted humanoid animals, but sounds nowhere near as good as this description makes it sound. two founding members, Mugy & Kayleen will go on to many other projects as detailed above & beyond this page.