Yeay! Plastics is a tiny bedroom recording label that has been operating off & on since 1991.
it was started by a group of bored nerdy punks in a crumbling backwater city in western massachusetts. since then, neil young cloaca has more or less kept the name alive, releasing small-editioned, hand-packaged, weird recordings on cassette, CDR, and vinyl. Yeay! is a misspelling of "yea" - in this case, a feeble expression of enthusiasm, a fey emission.

archive of recordings, downloads, fun facts

email ahead if you're interested in trading. jokes, letters, & art-debris are always welcome:

Yeay! pobox 7 turners falls, ma 01376 usa
cloaca at suchfun dot net

this label is not seeking artists for its roster - so please, no solicitations. this is a zero-profit operation that is perpetually on the losing-side of the popularity contest. trust me, you are better off starting your own label & putting your own music out.