BROMP TREB "Audio-Visual Cassette"
Yeay! 020. cassette w/ color photocopy. 26 mins. released Aug 2007.

1. klutzy layup (used to play basketball) 1:56
2. careless poking 6:28
3. buncha pussies inna boffstick showdown 1:41
4. premeal annihilation 2:30
5. digestive nurse 5:21
6. ocean spray concentration 1:45
7. welp 4:42

"Crusty snippets from three years of waste, some very focused, some diffuse. Compositions that waft over the muggy summer air like torn subwoofer poots from a rusty jalopy. A hefty fellow excitedly twirls his manboob pasties made of allegator clips. sometimes lingering in trance, but mostly observing with detached disgust. a rough diamond from a lost era."

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