SPAZTIC ANARCHISTS "bootleg" 1989/1990. no other art available. click on tape or here to listen.
This here is a verifiable pre-Yeay! tapes release on "hairy pussy records" which, i think had a juvenile furry cat logo (groan). Thirteen-year-old brats full of grit, pimples, adolescent confusion, breaking things, squealing noises, & hyperactivity. No instruments are tuned, songs are barely held together. These shenanigans were recorded for well over a year with different lineups in the culmination of such a sublime document, crudely edited sometime in 1990. Soon after this tape's "release," the band found regular members to play guitar & drums, by then, they decided to call themselves the Immature Morons. An improvement? Over the course of 24 minutes you hear such primitive hits as "i'm trying to piss off the neighbors", "let's strangle brett michaels with his spandex bra", "skanky bitches", & "we're ugly & we dress ourselves funny" - in some cases, multiple versions! not to mention medleys, very sad covers of "oh bondage, up yours", "stepping stone", & yes, "louie louie."