LAMPSTAND (aka ATARI) "Destroy The Krylons" 1991. click on cassette below or here to download/listen.
The very first tape to be released under the Yeay! imprint. Quickly written & recorded in one night, by four nerdy teens in Pittsfield - duplicating copies as cheaply as possible by taping over cut-outs from the cassette salesbin at JJ Newbury's now-deunct 5 & 10; photocopied in the patented single-sided-8x11-fold-to-fit-J-card manner ("i can do this at the public library!"). Stealing the name of the by-then-obsolete video game company, punching at those great cheesy casio keyboard tones & crappily collaging retro for a decade barely over, these kids had been nibbling at the toes of the punk corpse for too long before Nirvana found them & were clearly too pussy to be hardcore.